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Grower Services, LLC
2321 Industrial Way  •  Vineland, NJ 08360
Q. Where does Grower Services ship to?
A. We have distribution throughout the continental United States.

Q. Does Grower Services only pack products in certain containers?
A. To the contrary, our strength is packing products in sizes and style that fit your market.
Q. Can Grower Services offer private label packaging for us?
A. Absolutely.  The ability to provide custom labels and packaging allow our customers to reinforce their brand.

Q. Is everything re-packed, inspected and stored at one your facilities?
A. It is.  Grower Services takes great pride to provide the freshest and safest products available in the market place today.

Q. Are your containers compostable?
A. Our packing films and earthcycle trays have been fully tested and certified to the American standard ASTM 6400 as well as the
    European composting norm EN13432.    

Q. We have produce product that we would like to get to market.  Can Grower Services help us?
A. We can.  Consolidation and Marketing of New Products is our passion!

Q. Does Grower Services handle domestic poduce?
A. Our west coast facility at Family Tree Farms allows us to obtain California fruit, packaged daily from the orchards and shipped the same night for optimum freshness.  

Q. Why should I buy from Grower Services?
A. With Grower Services, you will get personal service and dedication.

Q. Sounds great! How do I get started?
A. Simply call us at (856) 690-9999 or email us to discuss how Grower Services can help
    your produce sales grow.